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Timing Belt Kit w/ Waterpump

$184.78 $209.98

SKU0000 1203
SKU0000 1203
Part #06f198119a
SKU0000 1203
Other Part #06f121011 , 06f198119a

In stock

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If you have a bad water pump or timing belt component it is always best to replace all of the moving parts. Most VW/Audi engines require timing component replacement around 100K miles or 10 years. Replace all at once and be done for another 100K.! Make sure you use the proper coolant when refilling the cooling system

This OEM kit includes:

  • Water Pump (metal impeller) – HEPU
  • Timing Belt – Continental
  • Tensioner – INA
  • T-Belt Roller (lower) -INA
  • T-Belt Roller (upper) – INA

References: 2.0T Engine Codes FSI, TFSI

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