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Automatic Transmission Solenoid Set – 5 Speed Automatic

$219.98 $249.98

SKU0000 1055
SKU0000 1055
Part #105500
SKU0000 1055
Other Part #09a325039j, 09a325039d

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Are you experiencing hard shifts, soft shifts, no shifts or different shifting conditions from when your transmission is cold to hot? Those listed symptoms are due to solenoid failure which are only rated for around 100K miles. Transmission Solenoids control the valves in the valve body. Therefore, if you have a bad valve new solenoids will not fix the issue. From our experience, 99% of the time the solenoids are bad, not the valves in the valve body. It is recommended to replace all of the solenoids, gasket and new fluid. Do it once and be done for another 100K miles!


This 9 piece Transmission Solenoid Set Includes:
– N88 – SV1 Solenoid (shift solenoid A)
– N89 – V2 Solenoid (shift solenoid B)
– N90 – V3 (low clutch timing solenoid)
– N91 – V4 Solenoid (TCC duty solenoid)
– N92 – V5 Solenoid (shift solenoid C)
– N93 – V6 (EPC solenoid)
– N281 – SV8 (reduction timing solenoid)
– N282 – V9 Solenoid (2-4 timing solenoid)
– N283 – V10 Solenoid (2-4 brake duty solenoid)

References: 5 Speed Automatic Tiptronic Transmission Type 09A, JF506E  Jatco 09A

**This transmission has an internal transmission filter that is not serviceable.

Our Valve Body is remanufactured to meet the same original tolerances it had when new. To ensure each Valve Body is fully functional, they are tested on a dyno testing machine. This machine test each shift point as well as each solenoid to ensure they meet OEM standards.


Remanufactured Solenoids

Lifetime Warranty

Meet or Exceeds OEM Specs

VW and Audi Transmission Type: 09A, JF506E  Jatco 09A

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