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HIGHTEC ATF 9008 Automatic Transmission Fluid

In Stock


In stock

SKU0000 2315
SKU0000 2315
Other Part #g060162a2
SKU0000 2315
Part #g060162a2
SKU0000 2315
VW-Audig055540 , g060162
SKU0000 2315
SKU0000 2315
BMW-Mini83222152426 , 83222289720 , 83222305397 , bmw l12108


$17.03 $19.35

In stock

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HIGHTEC ATF 9008 is a high-performance ATF with reduced viscosity based on the most advanced additives and a special base oil composition made of HC synthetic oils and fully synthetic poly alpha-olefins (PAO). Developed specifically for use in modern 6/8/9-speed automatic transmissions in SUV, mid-size and luxury vehicles. Its specific friction coefficient level ensures the slip-free transmission of very high torques, thus making spontaneous and sporty shifting operations possible without compromising comfort. In so doing, its excellent friction coefficient stability guarantees unvarying shifting performance over the entire service interval.

BMW 83 22 2 152 426/83 22 2 305 397 (BMW L12108)/83
22 2 289 720 (ATF3+)
VW/Audi G 060 162/G 055 540
ZF S671 090 312

Note:  This fluid is not suitable for use in DCT/DSG (dual-clutch) or CVT (continuously variable or ‘non-stepped’ automatic) drives.

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